You are loved. 


Our mission is to spread LOVE through intentional acts of kindness and encouraging words. We aim to speak life and deliver hope in the simplest ways. We strive to STAND OUT and be the LIGHT in a world that's filled with darkness and hurt. We intentionally remind people they matter, they have value, and that they are absolutely LOVED!

This is Sprinkles.



Meet The Founder of Sprinkles


Tabata Boyd

A lover of people, a heart of gold !

Tabata is a unique gem. She has found the greatest love and joy in her walk with Jesus Christ and loves being an expression of His love towards others.  She enjoys making people feel valued and loved as she inspires KINDNESS in the simplest yet most intentional ways! Because.... EVERYONE deserves to KNOW they are LOVED!


I'm so glad you're here.


I hope that you'll enjoy today knowing you are loved!