You are already Loved!

Sweet February 1st! Its the month of love! Sometimes depending upon what your relationship status is in life it can be an exciting time where your heart begins to stir in expectation of what your boo will do for you on the magical day of February 14th. And other times it can be a dreadful reminder that once again you don't have a "Valentine".  Have you ever felt that way? I have been there before,  a few years ago I when I was a single mom, I felt some type of way. I was feeling like I was less than because I didn't have a Valentine to shower me with flowers and gifts. I didn't have anyone to take me on a surprise date as they proclaim their love for me. I didn't have pretty pictures to post about private dinners and beautiful jewelry that I had gotten.  I did have much to be thankful for, my beautiful daughter, my two amazing sons, a home, a car to drive and all those blessings..... but there was a part of me that very much wanted to experience those things. You know that girly part of my heart that desires to be wooed in every way possible. The feminine part of me that desires to be pursued and adored. My reality  didn't allow me  to experience that but even in the midst of it I had a sweet reminder from God that HE was thinking about me.

As I walked out of my apartment at the time I was greeted by this! Beautiful Valentine's decorations at the leasing office! I remember smiling so big and being so caught off guard by this sweet surprise! It was as if God was saying Hey beautiful, I saw into the depths of your achy heart and I wanted to WOW you for a moment. And HE did just that. As I walked over to the office to share with the ladies inside how much those decorations meant to me at the time I was greeted with the sweetest smiles. One of the ladies was even dressed up in Valentines outfit with a shirt that said we love our residents and a cute little furry headband. It was such a simple thing that God used in such a BIG way to comfort my heart at the time.

May I encourage you today? As this month begins to unfold, please don't allow yourself to feel like you are not worthy of LOVE simply because you don't have a person express it to you! Allow yourself to be OPEN to how GOD expresses His love for you, not only on Valentine's Day but EVERY day and know that you are already LOVED! There are plenty of people who are in relationships that still don't get to experience those things so your relationship status really doesn't have anything to do with it. Know in your heart that the KING of kings is madly in love with you and let that be what fuels you to look for opportunities to do something to make someone else feel loved! Do you know a single mom who could use a pedicure? Buy her a gift card! Do you know a teen that could use a little encouragement? Write them a card and put a little cash in there. Do you know a hard working dad who could use a break? Bless him with a movie ticket! There is no limit to LOVE!! Do whatever you wish someone would have done for you.

Live like you are loved,





A challenge to collect the moments.

Life is made up of a gazillion different moments.  A moment is defined as a very brief period of time. It has the ability to change so much in your life... just like that. You can go from being single to married, by simply saying I do. You can become a mother the moment your baby takes her first breath, you can spark a new friendship just by being in the right place at the right time. You can even change the course of a strangers day simply by being available. Depending on what moments you choose to dwell on your day could change for the better or for worse. 

Usually this time of year people really start to become more aware of what they are grateful for. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and the reality of this season settling in.... our hearts seem to be a little more open to the things that we as people sometimes take for granted. With the hustle and busyness that this season bring I would like challenge you to be intentional about slowing down and collecting some of the precious moments that will be coming your way. It could be when you let your kids stay up five more minutes before they went to bed so that they could finish telling you what was going on in their heart. Maybe you will get to see family that you haven't seen in a long time, make an effort to really enjoy it. Maybe your teen came and said that they loved you and wanted to hang out with you. Maybe there was an opportunity for you to make an impact in someone else's day and it made you happy to be available to help.  Whatever it is big or small I know you can do it.

What sparked this? Honestly the last few months for me have flown by in a quick blur and though I know there were lots of beautiful moments that happened I can be honest and say that I didn't necessarily make a lot of time to sit and really soak in the beauty of all of those moments.  So for the month of November I will be intentional about collecting those moments that I am grateful for. I pray that as I share the moments that God uses to fill my heart with His love and joy that you would be inspired to really focus on the amazing moments that you get to experience too and  that your heart too would overflow with gratitude. Let's do this! 

May your cup overflow with blessings all month long. 

In His Love,


Dont work yourself out of your relationship.

This morning I was sitting at a coffee shop here in town, writing in my prayer journal. As I was praying I was thinking back to last night when I was teaching the children at church and how excited I was that they really seemed to get what God was trying to say to them. (It brings so much joy to my heart when children are able to understand it.) He was showing them how important it is for them even at a young age to make sure they are carving out time just to be with God and get to know Him even more. We talked about the distractions that sometimes come up even when we really try to MAKE time to spend time with God.

 I think sometimes we so easily get caught up in the things that we have to get done. Long to-do lists hit my brain most times before I can even get out of the bed in the morning. I am faced with the demands of being a wife and a mother. Making breakfast, packing lunch and then rushing to try and get myself ready so that I can drive everyone to work and camp before I even have a chance to sit and catch my breath.

God spoke to my heart this morning as HE shared with me that we have to be careful not to get so caught up in works that we completely lose time to actually BE in relationship. I immediately began to think about parents. How sometimes we as parents work so hard trying to provide the BEST life for our children and give them everything we couldn't have as a child. Most times though the lavish lifestyle comes with having to maintain a crazy work schedule which leaves really little time to just be with and enjoy our children.

How many times have you heard of a relationship ending simply because people didn't take the time to invest in them?

I can admit that sometimes even as a wife I can get distracted from quality time with my husband because I get more caught up in taking care of everything around the house. And I can certainly admit that some days I do great at carving out that time for God and some days especially when I don't prepare well, God gets the last little bit I have to offer. The truth is though that God deserves my best and my hearts desire is to give it to Him. I began to think about how I have to remember that before anything else I am HIS daughter, His Beloved child and I have to be able to rest in that place before I put on all the other hats that I have to wear. I was grateful for that reminder.

Later this evening after we watched a movie together as a family, the girls were getting ready to go to bed. The Lord spoke to me about us reading a devotion tonight. I have one that I like to read with them in the morning but tonight I shared with the girls that I felt led to read one tonight too. I am glad that I listened....

As I turned to todays date and began to read the devotion this is what it said.

" My idea of time is very different from yours, because I am timeless- beyond time. I am. I was. and I will always be. Time is protection for you. one twenty-four-hour day of life is enough for you to handle. But time can also become your master- making you its slave- if you think about it too much. wait with Me while I bless you. don't think about where you have to be an hour from now. Don't worry about what you need to get done. Take off your watch and just sit with Me. as you focus on being with Me, enjoying my Presence, time will become less and less important. and I will become more and more important to you." Jesus Calling Devotions for kids.

Isn't that so amazing? How God speaks to us and lets us know what is on His heart. I loved that God was able to show our girls tonight that He was confirming what He had spoken to them last night at church, to me this morning at the coffee shop and then again this evening. I just love how it proves to them that HE is everywhere with us and that He is always speaking to us.

May I encourage you today? I am praying for you tonight! You are going to have to fight for some time for yourself to be refreshed. Schedule a little timeto just sit and be in God's presence. Just let Him speak to you and trust that life will still go on after your time with Him. He is so worth it and so are YOU! <3



Just rest and be filled. <3

I love how God is able to communicate things to us through the most simple moments. How He shows up when you least expect it and brings you a word that truly gives you life. He is so amazing!

Last week I had the awesome pleasure of going on a staff retreat in Florida. Honestly I didn't realize how much I really LOVE the beach until then. I vaguely remember going often when I was younger with my mom but this time it was as if I couldn't get enough of it. Every opportunity I had to break away for free time I found myself drawn to the beach. This sense of peace was there, a peace that I was craving.

I wasn't really so much worried about getting in the water. if I can be honest I was a little afraid of it.  I was more excited about just sitting there and taking in the beauty of what God created. It was the most beautiful scenery and I found myself so in awe of as I watched everything going on around me. The sweet sound of worship music in my ears was the icing on the cake in a sense as I just marveled at the colors and the wind kissing my face.

While I was sitting there I noticed these tiny holes in the sand, just where the water was crashing into the sand. These tiny little shell like things called Coquina would be washed up by the water and as they were they would dig little holes back into the sand. I was fascinated by them but even more so by what God showed me right after. Just as quick as those things came and dug holes in the sand another wave of water would wash up and run into and fill each little hole back up.

As I sat there just watching this happen for a little while tears began to flow down my eyes as I heard God say "that's what I do for you." He began to minister to my heart about how when I sit in His presence and just focus on Him, He too comes in and fills all those little holes inside of me. When my heart is overwhelmed, He gives me peace. When I am sad He is able to give me joy and when I am in one of those moments where something is lacking, He is there to fill every need that I have. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life. What a gift that was for me. May I encourage you today? The Lord truly loves you! He desires for you to be WHOLE, missing and lacking nothing. And the beautiful part about it is that you don't have to earn it or work hard for it. You just have to BE. Be in His presence and focus on Him and watch how all those empty places inside of you begin to be filled.

I pray you live today knowing you are fully loved!

In His joy,


Divine Detours

I don't know about you but sometimes I get a little frustrated when I have my mind set to do one thing and something else pops up that hinders or maybe just slows me down. Have you ever dealt with that? Have you ever had a plan in your mind for something whether great or small and then you come against some opposition? I know I have more than I can count for sure.

This morning I decided to sleep in a little. I haven't been resting well lately. It seems almost impossible for me to get a full nights sleep without being interrupted. I'm not sure if its my creative junkie mind that seems to never want to slow down or what but I have for sure felt the pressure over the last few days.

When I finally did get up and going I made up my mind that I was going to spend some uninterrupted time with God. I have a little table in my room and figured I would go in there. I could pray, read my bible and see what the Lord had to say to me for today. As soon as I got in there my husband needed to come in to shower and I just knew that I wouldn't be able to concentrate so I decided I would just wait until he was done so I could have the room to myself. ( I am sort of a butterfly and it takes so much for me to stay focused) :)

When I got ready to leave the room I felt like God wanted me to shift my little table to the sun room and sit in there instead. Maybe He knew that if I didn't sit down and do it now, I would soon get caught up in the day to day stuff of life and I would have a hard time trying to break away. So I moved. When I did, I put the little table down and fell to my knees, and as I hit the floor I noticed this huge spider at the baseboard. I had never seen one like it but it looked like it could take me out with one single bite. Lol!  So I ran and grabbed a shoe and took it out.

When I stood up I heard God say some setbacks are actually divine detours to get you to where you need to be. I could have just as easily let frustration build up in me and just cause me to give up completely what I had planned to do. As small and maybe insignificant as it sounds, I am so glad that the Lord challenged me to relocate. My children or someone else could have possibly been bitten by the spider later in the day if they had been in there. I think about times when I was trying to do one thing and God lead me to do another, only for me to later see that He was protecting me from something.

May I encourage you today? The heart of our heavenly Father is truly to protect us from dangers both seen and unseen. Next time you are stuck in traffic, or held up in line or even if you are running late one morning, trust and believe that God sees the bigger picture and He could be saving you from something that could potentially harm you! Like any great Father, He loves and adores YOU so much! Make today amazing as you focus on how much YOU are LOVED! <3


Letting go is hard.... but its also necessary.

The F word. You know that one that seems to pop up sometimes that makes you feel some type of way inside. Or maybe its just me that puts up an instant fight each time I hear God tell me to let it go and FORGIVE!  Lately God has been doing such a great work inside of me. One that has been so painful to walk through yet so liberating too each time I take one tiny step to follow His example and forgive. I have cried harder than I have cried in years and battled internally for a peace that I know only comes from God. Letting go is hard to do but it is absolutely necessaryin order for us to really move on and experience the true freedom that Christ has promised us.

But can I be honest? I thought I had forgiven. When it was revealed to me that I hadn't I found myself battling between two struggles. First not knowing exactly how to forgive really and two I am not 100% sure that I even wanted to forgive. Holding on to it had become the norm to me. Suppressing it when my emotions tried to get out of control and packing it down under comfort foodthat I used to cope seemed to be working for me.  Something inside of me felt like if I forgave that it made what the other person did to me right and that I deserved it. But nothing could be further from the truth. Forgiveness doesn't excuse what the other person did to you but it does break the shackle they have tied around you that keeps you bound to the situation that happened. And so I made the choice to let it go. Knowing full and well that I desire to be forgiven for the times that I was the one that hurt someone, I too needed to be open to letting those people and situations go.

May I encourage you today? Forgiveness is for everyone, not only for the small things but the BIG things too. Just as God has so graciously forgiven us, we too should be willing to forgive the offense of those who have let us down and those who have hurt us in sometimes unspeakable ways. Will you be brave with me and make the choice to really let it all go this time? Will you give it to God and trust Him to bring healing to that hurt that has been so painful inside of you for so long? I can't promise you that it will be easy, but I can say it WILL BE WORTH IT!  I'm praying for you! Be strong and be brave. FORGIVE and let it go! Freedom awaits. <3

You've got to start somewhere!

Can I be honest for a moment? I have been putting off this first blog post for months now. Be it procrastination, fear or a mixture of both. I can't pin point it exactly. I just didn't want to do it. I honestly can't tell you why I was even so afraid in the first place. What will I write about? What if nothing comes to mind?  But then again what if I let all the what ifs hold me back for the rest of all time? If I wait until I am ready, I probably wouldn't ever get started.  So I decided to gracefully jump right in and write from my heart today.

What is the Sprinkles Movement all about? Well...It's all about spreading LOVE! Simple enough right? I mean think about how our world could be impacted if even just a quarter of us purposed in our heart to be intentional about spreading a little joy in someone's day! Maybe I'm just optimistic enough to believe that we can change the sprinkle of love at a time. Kindness is contagious! Let me note though that its not because I am just soooooo amazingly awesome that I am always thinking about others. I mean I have moments too where I am just as selfish as the next person.  But, I do remember a time when life was really, really hard for me and it was the love and kindness of God through people that drew me closer to Him and allowed me to make it through those tough times. The reality is our world is hurting. Everyone is dealing with something.  Social media is flooded with sad stories that break our hearts. I believe its all the more reason to do this NOW!

When I was down it was the simple text messages from people reminding me I was loved when I wasn't feeling so lovely. Those surprise visits at work from a friend when my heart was aching and only GOD knew. Or a word of encouragement when I needed it the most. It was the love that I was able to first receive that fills my heart and causes me to want to spread it so graciously to others. Remembering how lonely and unloved I once felt now inspires me to be an advocate for letting people know that they are loved because I believe with all of my heart that EVERYONE DESERVES TO KNOW THEY ARE LOVED!

There is a JOY that you experience when you make a difference in someone else's life. It makes my heart so happy to make others smile, to make life just a little bit easier for someone else. Some of the most amazing moments of my life have happened when I was selfless, stepped out of my comfort zone, pushed past fear and decided I AM GOING TO LOVE TODAY! It is a choice! A lifestyle! Will you join me in this movement? YOU are so LOVED! Let that fuel the fire inside of you and look for moments to be a blessing to someone else. Whether you intentionally hold the door open for someone, return a cart for someone or treat the person behind you in the drive thru to breakfast. The options are endless and the investment is so worth it.

Let your love shine BRIGHT,

Tabata <3