A challenge to collect the moments.

Life is made up of a gazillion different moments.  A moment is defined as a very brief period of time. It has the ability to change so much in your life... just like that. You can go from being single to married, by simply saying I do. You can become a mother the moment your baby takes her first breath, you can spark a new friendship just by being in the right place at the right time. You can even change the course of a strangers day simply by being available. Depending on what moments you choose to dwell on your day could change for the better or for worse. 

Usually this time of year people really start to become more aware of what they are grateful for. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and the reality of this season settling in.... our hearts seem to be a little more open to the things that we as people sometimes take for granted. With the hustle and busyness that this season bring I would like challenge you to be intentional about slowing down and collecting some of the precious moments that will be coming your way. It could be when you let your kids stay up five more minutes before they went to bed so that they could finish telling you what was going on in their heart. Maybe you will get to see family that you haven't seen in a long time, make an effort to really enjoy it. Maybe your teen came and said that they loved you and wanted to hang out with you. Maybe there was an opportunity for you to make an impact in someone else's day and it made you happy to be available to help.  Whatever it is big or small I know you can do it.

What sparked this? Honestly the last few months for me have flown by in a quick blur and though I know there were lots of beautiful moments that happened I can be honest and say that I didn't necessarily make a lot of time to sit and really soak in the beauty of all of those moments.  So for the month of November I will be intentional about collecting those moments that I am grateful for. I pray that as I share the moments that God uses to fill my heart with His love and joy that you would be inspired to really focus on the amazing moments that you get to experience too and  that your heart too would overflow with gratitude. Let's do this! 

May your cup overflow with blessings all month long. 

In His Love,