Letting go is hard.... but its also necessary.

The F word. You know that one that seems to pop up sometimes that makes you feel some type of way inside. Or maybe its just me that puts up an instant fight each time I hear God tell me to let it go and FORGIVE!  Lately God has been doing such a great work inside of me. One that has been so painful to walk through yet so liberating too each time I take one tiny step to follow His example and forgive. I have cried harder than I have cried in years and battled internally for a peace that I know only comes from God. Letting go is hard to do but it is absolutely necessaryin order for us to really move on and experience the true freedom that Christ has promised us.

But can I be honest? I thought I had forgiven. When it was revealed to me that I hadn't I found myself battling between two struggles. First not knowing exactly how to forgive really and two I am not 100% sure that I even wanted to forgive. Holding on to it had become the norm to me. Suppressing it when my emotions tried to get out of control and packing it down under comfort foodthat I used to cope seemed to be working for me.  Something inside of me felt like if I forgave that it made what the other person did to me right and that I deserved it. But nothing could be further from the truth. Forgiveness doesn't excuse what the other person did to you but it does break the shackle they have tied around you that keeps you bound to the situation that happened. And so I made the choice to let it go. Knowing full and well that I desire to be forgiven for the times that I was the one that hurt someone, I too needed to be open to letting those people and situations go.

May I encourage you today? Forgiveness is for everyone, not only for the small things but the BIG things too. Just as God has so graciously forgiven us, we too should be willing to forgive the offense of those who have let us down and those who have hurt us in sometimes unspeakable ways. Will you be brave with me and make the choice to really let it all go this time? Will you give it to God and trust Him to bring healing to that hurt that has been so painful inside of you for so long? I can't promise you that it will be easy, but I can say it WILL BE WORTH IT!  I'm praying for you! Be strong and be brave. FORGIVE and let it go! Freedom awaits. <3