Dont work yourself out of your relationship.

This morning I was sitting at a coffee shop here in town, writing in my prayer journal. As I was praying I was thinking back to last night when I was teaching the children at church and how excited I was that they really seemed to get what God was trying to say to them. (It brings so much joy to my heart when children are able to understand it.) He was showing them how important it is for them even at a young age to make sure they are carving out time just to be with God and get to know Him even more. We talked about the distractions that sometimes come up even when we really try to MAKE time to spend time with God.

 I think sometimes we so easily get caught up in the things that we have to get done. Long to-do lists hit my brain most times before I can even get out of the bed in the morning. I am faced with the demands of being a wife and a mother. Making breakfast, packing lunch and then rushing to try and get myself ready so that I can drive everyone to work and camp before I even have a chance to sit and catch my breath.

God spoke to my heart this morning as HE shared with me that we have to be careful not to get so caught up in works that we completely lose time to actually BE in relationship. I immediately began to think about parents. How sometimes we as parents work so hard trying to provide the BEST life for our children and give them everything we couldn't have as a child. Most times though the lavish lifestyle comes with having to maintain a crazy work schedule which leaves really little time to just be with and enjoy our children.

How many times have you heard of a relationship ending simply because people didn't take the time to invest in them?

I can admit that sometimes even as a wife I can get distracted from quality time with my husband because I get more caught up in taking care of everything around the house. And I can certainly admit that some days I do great at carving out that time for God and some days especially when I don't prepare well, God gets the last little bit I have to offer. The truth is though that God deserves my best and my hearts desire is to give it to Him. I began to think about how I have to remember that before anything else I am HIS daughter, His Beloved child and I have to be able to rest in that place before I put on all the other hats that I have to wear. I was grateful for that reminder.

Later this evening after we watched a movie together as a family, the girls were getting ready to go to bed. The Lord spoke to me about us reading a devotion tonight. I have one that I like to read with them in the morning but tonight I shared with the girls that I felt led to read one tonight too. I am glad that I listened....

As I turned to todays date and began to read the devotion this is what it said.

" My idea of time is very different from yours, because I am timeless- beyond time. I am. I was. and I will always be. Time is protection for you. one twenty-four-hour day of life is enough for you to handle. But time can also become your master- making you its slave- if you think about it too much. wait with Me while I bless you. don't think about where you have to be an hour from now. Don't worry about what you need to get done. Take off your watch and just sit with Me. as you focus on being with Me, enjoying my Presence, time will become less and less important. and I will become more and more important to you." Jesus Calling Devotions for kids.

Isn't that so amazing? How God speaks to us and lets us know what is on His heart. I loved that God was able to show our girls tonight that He was confirming what He had spoken to them last night at church, to me this morning at the coffee shop and then again this evening. I just love how it proves to them that HE is everywhere with us and that He is always speaking to us.

May I encourage you today? I am praying for you tonight! You are going to have to fight for some time for yourself to be refreshed. Schedule a little timeto just sit and be in God's presence. Just let Him speak to you and trust that life will still go on after your time with Him. He is so worth it and so are YOU! <3