Just rest and be filled. <3

I love how God is able to communicate things to us through the most simple moments. How He shows up when you least expect it and brings you a word that truly gives you life. He is so amazing!

Last week I had the awesome pleasure of going on a staff retreat in Florida. Honestly I didn't realize how much I really LOVE the beach until then. I vaguely remember going often when I was younger with my mom but this time it was as if I couldn't get enough of it. Every opportunity I had to break away for free time I found myself drawn to the beach. This sense of peace was there, a peace that I was craving.

I wasn't really so much worried about getting in the water. if I can be honest I was a little afraid of it.  I was more excited about just sitting there and taking in the beauty of what God created. It was the most beautiful scenery and I found myself so in awe of as I watched everything going on around me. The sweet sound of worship music in my ears was the icing on the cake in a sense as I just marveled at the colors and the wind kissing my face.

While I was sitting there I noticed these tiny holes in the sand, just where the water was crashing into the sand. These tiny little shell like things called Coquina would be washed up by the water and as they were they would dig little holes back into the sand. I was fascinated by them but even more so by what God showed me right after. Just as quick as those things came and dug holes in the sand another wave of water would wash up and run into and fill each little hole back up.

As I sat there just watching this happen for a little while tears began to flow down my eyes as I heard God say "that's what I do for you." He began to minister to my heart about how when I sit in His presence and just focus on Him, He too comes in and fills all those little holes inside of me. When my heart is overwhelmed, He gives me peace. When I am sad He is able to give me joy and when I am in one of those moments where something is lacking, He is there to fill every need that I have. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life. What a gift that was for me. May I encourage you today? The Lord truly loves you! He desires for you to be WHOLE, missing and lacking nothing. And the beautiful part about it is that you don't have to earn it or work hard for it. You just have to BE. Be in His presence and focus on Him and watch how all those empty places inside of you begin to be filled.

I pray you live today knowing you are fully loved!

In His joy,