You are already Loved!

Sweet February 1st! Its the month of love! Sometimes depending upon what your relationship status is in life it can be an exciting time where your heart begins to stir in expectation of what your boo will do for you on the magical day of February 14th. And other times it can be a dreadful reminder that once again you don't have a "Valentine".  Have you ever felt that way? I have been there before,  a few years ago I when I was a single mom, I felt some type of way. I was feeling like I was less than because I didn't have a Valentine to shower me with flowers and gifts. I didn't have anyone to take me on a surprise date as they proclaim their love for me. I didn't have pretty pictures to post about private dinners and beautiful jewelry that I had gotten.  I did have much to be thankful for, my beautiful daughter, my two amazing sons, a home, a car to drive and all those blessings..... but there was a part of me that very much wanted to experience those things. You know that girly part of my heart that desires to be wooed in every way possible. The feminine part of me that desires to be pursued and adored. My reality  didn't allow me  to experience that but even in the midst of it I had a sweet reminder from God that HE was thinking about me.

As I walked out of my apartment at the time I was greeted by this! Beautiful Valentine's decorations at the leasing office! I remember smiling so big and being so caught off guard by this sweet surprise! It was as if God was saying Hey beautiful, I saw into the depths of your achy heart and I wanted to WOW you for a moment. And HE did just that. As I walked over to the office to share with the ladies inside how much those decorations meant to me at the time I was greeted with the sweetest smiles. One of the ladies was even dressed up in Valentines outfit with a shirt that said we love our residents and a cute little furry headband. It was such a simple thing that God used in such a BIG way to comfort my heart at the time.

May I encourage you today? As this month begins to unfold, please don't allow yourself to feel like you are not worthy of LOVE simply because you don't have a person express it to you! Allow yourself to be OPEN to how GOD expresses His love for you, not only on Valentine's Day but EVERY day and know that you are already LOVED! There are plenty of people who are in relationships that still don't get to experience those things so your relationship status really doesn't have anything to do with it. Know in your heart that the KING of kings is madly in love with you and let that be what fuels you to look for opportunities to do something to make someone else feel loved! Do you know a single mom who could use a pedicure? Buy her a gift card! Do you know a teen that could use a little encouragement? Write them a card and put a little cash in there. Do you know a hard working dad who could use a break? Bless him with a movie ticket! There is no limit to LOVE!! Do whatever you wish someone would have done for you.

Live like you are loved,